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New quality label achieved SAP Commerce Recognized Experts (REx) Since March 2020, Digitalum has joined a select group of experts and may call itself “SAP Recognized Experts” for SAP Commerce. CEO Diederik Bots: “This means a lot to us because it proves that we are performing at the level that we envisioned when we started Digitalum two years ago. Quality, knowledge and pragmatism have always been our driving forces towards our customers. Thanks to this
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Goal of the article This blog post is a practical guide on how to set up Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC), so that you are able to create email templates inside AEM, and use those templates to create campaigns inside ACC. These email templates will allow you to personalize and enrich the content with data coming from ACC. If you’re looking to connect AEM with Adobe Campaign Standard, you should know
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Goal of the article This blog post is a practical guide for the integration of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with Adobe Target (AT) in accordance to Adobe’s best practices. The complete setup will take some time… so sit back, relax and follow along. We chose to use a very descriptive writing style and include a lot of screenshots so you get a clear view on what to do at each step. After completion of all
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