AEM Spellchecker

AEM Spell checker

15 additional languages, directly in the AEM content editor!
AEM only offers a standard English spellchecker.
With the Digitalum AEM spellchecker plugin you have
standard access to 15 additional languages!
expandable to 168 languages in total.
So you can go all-in!

What is it?

Spelling and soon also grammar

It’s not just about spelling, but also about how the words mix and match. The grammar checker can recognize and correct various errors in syntax. We offer an intelligent recognition of errors in syntax for 14 of the standard languages.

Personal libraries

Each company has its own language and rules. Tune your spellchecker to make sure your employees, brands, and product names are always spelled correctly. With personal libraries, all users can create their own vocabulary. Global libraries for the entire company are on the roadmap.

Standard languages

The following languages are provided by default in the spellchecker: US English, UK English, CA English, CA French, French, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese.



Become a Beta tester


Be part of our community of beta testers and experience the ease of our AEM Spellchecker and the impact on the productivity of all authors. You will be rewarded in exchange for your feedback! How does it work?

  1. Register as beta-Tester via the button on this page or go directly to this form.
  2. With every new beta release you will receive an email with all the details.
  3. As soon as you agree to the beta test, we will activate the beta release for you and provide you with the installation instructions with a license that is limited in time.
  4. We then send you additional information about giving feedback.
  5. We collect your feedback and use it to improve the release before we create a production release.
  6. Finally, we’ll be the first to send you all the information about the production release, along with a token of appreciation to thank you for your help!

* All beta communication will expire in English.


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