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SAP Commerce

For SAP commerce solutions, you’ve come to the right spot. Our experts are able to assist you with SAP commerce development project from design up to implementation. Because of the pure focus of these consultants on SAP Commerce, they have a thorough knowledge of the platform.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Just like our SAP Commerce experts, our Adobe experts focus on a specific platform. Because of this they are able to perfectly assist you from project initiation to implementation and aftercare of Adobe Experience Cloud projects. Adobe EM, Campaign, Analytics and other products have no more secrets for them.


Functional experts with experience in various international implementations are able to give you more insight into the possibilities of both tools. If you have questions at strategic or tactical level about these applications, they can offer possible solutions based on their experience and help determine a roadmap for the technical teams as well as the internal sales / marketing teams.


SAP and Adobe are increasingly opening their platforms to integrations with external tools. Our Java experts with experience in both SAP and Adobe make it possible to expand the out-of-the-box options with useful integrations or in-house developed components. By means of microservices architecture these integrations do not cause problems with upgrades of the platforms.

Front-end development

An excellent working platform is the basis of every implementation. However, the experience and user-friendliness sometimes leave something to be desired. Our Front-end specialists with experience in both tool sets ensure a high-performance, visually attractive website.


SAP and Adobe offer much more possibilities than the parts on which we focus. By entering into partnerships with specialists in the other aspects of these platforms, we are able to assist our customers throughout the entire platform. Magento, Marketo, SAP S / 4HANA, … are therefore possibilities that we easily can explore with you and our partners.

From my own experience I know that there is a substantial difference between the possibilities of a platform and the possibilities of the customer. You only realize that if you have been a customer yourself.

Diederik Bots, co-founder Digitalum


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